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• Improving Florida's economy by investing in infrastructure, supporting workers and the middle class, and closing the corporate tax loopholes that lower the state's revenue. Read More...
Karen will work for Florida's economy; to preserve and expand Florida's middle class by creating good jobs, by investing in Florida's crumbling infrastructure, and by strengthening demand for Florida products both here and abroad. Florida needs to be the state that manufacturing companies will look at to bring jobs, and help build a strong economy. In order to do that, Karen will work to increase training and apprenticeship opportunities by working with our Florida labor unions and public school systems. Karen will expand training and retraining initiatives for Florida workers and returning veterans, and support well rounded, well funded public education for our children.

• Reforming and empowering public education by providing proper funding to our schools, doing away with the FCAT, supporting a well rounded curriculum, and standing by our teachers. Read More...
Karen knows education is the foundation for Florida's future. Karen will work to assure that our schools are fully funded. She will work to eliminate high-stakes testing. She will work to make sure that no unfunded mandates are placed upon local school districts. Education funding should not be subject to legislative bargaining.

Karen will work to establish evaluation measures that embrace the total educational experience. She believes in paying our teachers the wages they deserve. Karen with work to provide universal access to high quality early childhood education. She will work to create world-class vocational apprenticeship programs. Karen supports investing in quality, affordable higher education, both vocational and academic, and she will see to it that both are available for all Florida students.

•Repealing the voter suppression laws that target minorities and prevent Floridians from exercising their right to vote. Read More...
Karen will work to protect voters rights. As her first act as your representative, Karen has pledged to introduce legislation that will repeal the voter suppression laws created by out-of-touch conservatives. Karen believes that your right to vote is sacred and should not be used as a political pawn. We should be encouraging people to vote, not finding ways to disenfranchise the elderly, the poor or students.

•Working towards ethics reform that would eliminate the financial burden corruption puts on our state. Read More...
Karen will work for common sense ethics reform to fight legalized corruption in Florida government. Karen will work to give the Florida Commission on Ethics the ability to initiate its own investigations. She will work to launch a hotline to report corruption 24/7 to the proper institutions. Karen will work to expand the ethics code to follow the money, allowing the state ethics code to apply to vendors as well as officials. Karen will introduce legislation that will require top officials to disclose all transactions over $1,000 within the previous year, including stock trades, property transactions, and changes in business ownership. Karen will work to enable the Florida Commission on Ethics to create an online filing system where financial disclosure forms would be easily accessible.

•Standing up for Women's Rights by working to secure equal pay for women, strengthening healthcare for women, and supporting a woman's right to choose. Read More...
Karen believes all people should be treated equally and fairly, in all levels of government and society, by fighting discrimination based on race, color, religion, creed, national origin, sex, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, and family status. Karen believes women are capable of making decisions about their own healthcare including, and especially, in regard to reproductive health. Karen will stand up for women's right to equal pay for equal work.